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Hello, thank you for visiting Private Psychic Readings. My name is Carol Hazel. I am a full-time psychic medium, this is not my hobby, this is what I do. My quest is to help people receive their answers by giving them a personal psychic intuitive reading & connect them with their loved ones on the other side with a psychic medium reading. 

Please watch for my new book coming out in October 2016:
Private Psychic Readings – A Hands on Guide
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HERE’S HOW IT WORKS:  All of my psychic readings are given in person or via the telephone and sometimes using Skype. The reason I don’t offer readings via email is because it’s not nearly as easy for me to receive the personal messages for you if I can’t feel your vibrational energy from your voice. It’s that energy that taps me into spirits who are speaking, showing and giving the feelings messages for and about you. I don’t receive the messages because of the words that you speak – meaning, I’m not asking you to speak to me and tell me about yourself so I can receive your messages. That would be dishonest on my part.  What I am saying is, it doesn’t matter what the words are that you speak to me. So you could re-sight nursery rhymes to me. That would be fine. I just need to be able to feel your voice vibration in order to receive the seeing, hearing and feeling messages for you sent from the spirits.  That is how I am easily able to receive and convey very powerful psychic messages for you, both in personal readings and medium readings (contacting your loved ones on the other side).  

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I am a full-time Psychic who gives Private one-on-one Psychic Readings

via telephone or in person.

The Art of Allowing – Abraham Hicks

The art of allowing is being aware of what you want in your life & allowing yourself to attract it into being.  This event happens when we relax and become the same vibration as the thing we wish to attract. We have to release the resistance.  Meditation quiets the mind, which brings it to the correct vibrational level and allows manifestation of all that we want to experience in this life – Carol Hazel 

 Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive And Believe, It Can Achieve – Napoleon Hill

In meditation, you will realize that God and ALL of the other spirits that you talk with and pray to throughout your day, are spirits that live within you. They always have there and they always will a huge part of who you are. They’re not just around you or out in heaven somewhere looking down on you. They’re there inside your spirit experiencing everything that you do, think and who you are. Dividing them from you would be like dividing the colors red and blue after they have become purple. This knowledge is an amazing relationship that they will loving show you in meditation. – Carol Hazel

What you seek is seeking you. So relax and allow it to find you. – Carol Hazel

I don’t search for what I want. I simply allow it to find me. – Carol Hazel



You’ll enjoy my amazing spirit influence psychic abilities at these gatherings, both large and small 

House Parties

Corporate Parties

College Parties

Public Events


Fund Raisings



All kinds of Gatherings

At these events, I give everyone in the room a 5-minute personal reading, Tarot Card reading, palm reading or a past life reading. All psychic readings are wonderfully insightful, intuitive and fun. I can add zest to your party: giving people insights into their lives, information that they may find useful or just a good laugh. Do you want your guests giggling, entertained, and more importantly, talking about your event for years to come? Then hire me for your event.

I live in Ohio but I travel nationwide. Please look through my website for additional information on my abilities.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee on ALL of my work

PLEASE NOTE: The 100% satisfaction guarantee is not a guarantee that you’ll like the message that I receive from spirit. No honest psychic could ever guarantee that. It’s a guarantee that if I am unable to receive and convey any helpful guidance for you from spirit then you should receive, and will receive a full refund. The whole reason for seeking a reading is so you will obtain the guidance you need from spirits. So it’s my job to make sure you receive what you seek.


Simply the best!

Simply the best psychic I’ve ever had. All she needed to do was hear the sound of my voice say “hello Carol, this is Tammy” and from that she started telling me all kinds of information about me and detailed messages for me from my aunt whom I love dearly and died 5 years ago. Crap, I’ve never seen anyone have such a strong connection with the spirits and able to help me so much with NO prompting my me.

Tammy W. - Tulsa, OK

By far the BEST reading of my life!!

Geez! Where do I begin? This, by far, was the BEST reading of my life!! I didn’t call in about relationship, money or career woes. You see, I am psychic myself so I needed help to guide this ‘runaway train’ I call life! Carol was so funny, compassionate, accurate, and wise. She was very honest, encouraging, confident and so easy to talk to. She and her guides told me exactly what I needed to do to achieve my life purpose goals and answered all of my questions. I’d recommend her to God if he needed her help! You saved me and brought significance back to my life. Thank you Carol!!

Charrisse,  Lithonia, Ga

She got it all right and gave me great advice

This reading was very insightful for me! She was dead on with everything. I’m getting my next reading next week. Thanks!

Bernadette N – Jacksonville, FL

She gave me messages from my dead mum

She got a connection with me mum. Told me a lot of stuff about mum that she had no way of knowing. I’m still speechless & cryin. Thank you soooooo much Carol!!!!

Cathy Z – Queensland, Australia

She knows stuff that no one else knows

I have gotten about 8 readings from Carol in two years. They’re all very good! When I need important answers to my life she always knows the right answers. She has told me a lot about my childhood and even told me what I’ve been doing for the days before I called for an appointment. I know I’ve never told her that stuff. So it HAS TO be the spirits telling her all about me. I don’t know if the other psychics are good or not. All I know is she sure is!



Judy Kay,  Tampa, FL 


WHAT A GREAT TIME WE ALL HAD! We hired Carol to give our guest readings at our son’s 18th birthday party. Even though I think she lives about 500 miles away. She didn’t seem to mind. It was a really great party, she was there working non-stop for three hours. She had people lined up for a reading. The line went from our dining room table, out the front door and a half a block down the street! LOL!! IT WAS GREAT! All of the kids loved their readings. Everyone was laughing and just loving the information she shared. The women was so funny and so right on with what she said.  I know it was a party that the kids will NEVER forget! Our 16 yr old daughter has asked for us to hire Carol back for her 18th birthday party too. We just can’t wait!! THANK YOU CAROL!! YOU’RE THE BEST!!

Ben & Candy - Nashville, TN

3 Day Company Cruise – It was great! THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES!

We hired Carol to come with us on our company cruise for three days. We all had a blast! Carol gave all 82 of us, many readings and even sang to us in those three days. We all laughed til we cried and had the time of our lives. The cruise wouldn’t have been half as much fun with Carol there. We’ve already booked her to come with us on our company cruise next year.  We LOVE YOU CAROL!! You’re the best!

Charlie Best - Galveston, TX

she knew what was happenin without me even telling her.

good reading. nice person.i got the help i wanted. i will get more later. ty

Lou K. – Cripple Creek, CO

We all had a blast, thanks to her.

Oh, what fun we all had. We hired Carol to work at daughter’s 25th birthday party. We all had a blast, thanks to her. Everyone wanted a reading from her and she gave us all everything we wanted. Such a really great time was had by all. The psychic was funny and right on the spot with every person she read for. I know some of my friends asked for her card so they can have her at their up-coming parties. Having this Psychic work at my daughter’s party was one of my better ideas.

Sally Marks - Dayton, OH

she got my attention

i’ll say 1 thing, she got my attention right away. the second she knew all about me and my family  dynamics. told me all about the crap that drives me nuts and how to fix it all. i came away from that reading with a whole new skill set. i didn’t see that comin! she’s for sure the real deal.

alisa - la, ca

She made a connection with my dead husband. That helped me alot

Loved my reading! She connected with Joe (my dead husband)! That was so comforting!! I needed that a lot!! Ty
 Jenny W – Flagstaff, AZ

Very gifted psychic!

Very nice and empathetic person, very accurate reading. She knew all about my past, present and helped me to see my future. Very gifted lady. I’ll be back. A+++++++ THANKS!


Brenda Sharply - New York, NY

Best reading ever!

I paid for a 25 min reading but I got a 35 min one. She just didn’t stop til I knew everything the spirits were telling her. That was an outstanding reading. REALLY looking forward to my next. So helpful.

Paula R. – Los Angeles, CA

She’s like talking to a friend with all answers you need to hear.

In the past 3-years, I think I’ve gotten about 10 readings from Carol. She’s not weird. She talks to you like a friend but she tells you the spirit message to all of your problems and questions. I’ve sent 6 or 8 of my friends and family members to her and they all love her, just like I do. Thank you for always being there to help me, Carol. I can’t thank you enough. I have an appointment with you on Tuesday and I’m really looking forward to it.

Toni Fox - Dallas, TX

I got my best reading ever!

I got a really great reading last night. I’ve had a lot of readings but none as good as what I got from Carol. Well worth the money. I can’t believe how much she just knew about me and what I’ve gone through. She was well worth the money! I can’t believe how much she just knew about me and my life. She really helped me so much. A very sweet, funny and gifted person. I’ll be back for another reading in a couple of weeks.

Diane F. – Dallas, TX



Another great reading! This was my 4th reading by Carol. I’ve gotten other readings by other psychics but I like Carol’s readings the best. She not only gives me life readings on many subjects with many answers, but she is also very generous with her time. Meaning, we often times go over my scheduled time. Carol has even taken the time to teach me how to meditate & speak to my own angles and guides (with no extra charge). That is so empowering to me. Of course, I’ll be back.

Connie P. – Columbus, Ohio

Hired this psychic for my birthday party – It was a great idea.

My wife hired this psychic for my 60th birthday party last month. When I found out she did that I thought “oh boy, here we go. Will our friends ever forgive us?” But as it turned out it was a stroke of genius. The psychic was the hit of the party. Very charming, funny and spot on with great insight into people’s lives. She had them lined up three deep waiting to hear their own personal reading. Gosh, I was so happy that my wife could see that having this psychic at my birthday party was a great idea. At the time, I wasn’t so sure. Three of our friends & family have told us that they’ve now booked this same psychic for their events later this year.


JIm Simmons - Dayton, OH

Thanks for all the help!

I wasn’t sure at first because I’d never had a reading before. But it was a gift from a friend who promised me Carol would help me. So the psychic was nice, kind and started telling the answers I needed to know right away. She was very helpful and actually right on about everything and gave me a lot of information from spirits. The reading went much better than I ever thought it would. I’ll thank my friend for the reading later on tonight.

Stephan P – Jacksonville, FL

She was on a cruise just amazing everyone

I saw Carol doing psychic readings while I was on a 3-day cruise. OMG, she was awesome! She was giving people personal reading by just looking into their eyes and hearing their voice. Sometimes she’d touch their hand and just start telling them things about themselves that she could not have known. I saw a few people just fall back in their chair laughing with amazement. She was also giving some people past life readings and palm readings. Every person was blown away by her readings and how much fun she was. I didn’t know who hired her for the cruise but I’ll say it sure was a fantastic idea. I snapped up one of her business cards so could soon get a personal reading from her. I posted this message b/c I just thought I’d tell what I saw. She seems to be a very gifted lady.

Pam T. - Tampa, FL

A very gifted Psychic

Carol is very gifted & talented, she was spot on. Beautiful Soul, Thank you again so much!

Michelle S. – Columbus, Indiana

I got the crazy good reading I needed!

I only made the appointment with Carol because a lot of my friends had gotten many readings from her and they ALL seemed to be crazy about her, so they bought me a reading. I hadn’t had a reading from anyone in about 10 years. But I’ve been so messed up I figured a reading wouldn’t hurt. Well, the lady answered all my questions right away in a way that I knew the answers had to be coming from the spirits because there’s no way she could have known all that stuff about me & she even got in contact with my mother, which is why I was so messed up. She passed away 3 months ago and I was just having a really hard time getting past that. But hearing my mother’s message to me meant the world to me and has really helped me more then I can say. I think I’m good for now. But the next time I need a reading I’M CALLIN’ CAROL! Thank you sooo much Ms. Carol, I’ll be back to see you.

Sandy Fox - Dallas, TX